OK LADIES! now I have been rocking my high Puff for a few days now and i oil it up in the morning. I work 9-5 so everyday by like  noon or 1, my puff is big and DRY! i hate how it looks so dry and frizzles up. so today at 4pm, i couldn’t take it. i went to the private bathroom and dretched my hair with water. I made a huge mess and someone was waiting so i cleaned up quickly and ran out. The next person was laughing but i thought it was so reliving. i reVAMP my puff.

What products do you all use to keep your hair hydrated for atleast 8 hours?

Let the Fro Be with You…

So I let my Fro out on Friday and WHAT A WEEKEND! I mean…wow! I  am happy my fro is out but along with all the products I have already, and the new ones I just got, NOTHING IS CURLING MY 4C FRO! I plan on buying a few more today but oh my goodness, how frustrating!

Today is my first day at work today with my hair natural and its kind of funny to see people’s reaction. I mean if I seen someone go from long curly hair to a little fro, its questionable but everyone is having pretty natural reactions. This morning though, I am not happy with my fro. I added gel to is because the twistout I did last night was an EPIC FAIL, please sends tips with your twistout.

This picture is of me today!

Natural Hair Journey est. June 19, 2014





20140618_203806 20140618_214632 20140818_170158So, When I decided to big chop, it was a awesome! I mean, all I could think of was how liberatingg it was and why Britney Spears did it that day a long time ago. And her reasoning behind it was very simple, because she wanted to and felt tied down. I mean, I felt tied down too! I have been getting a perm sincce….i dont know, maybe like 8 or 9. I always loved my perm because I didn’t like when my “roots” would come in, made my hair all frizzy and “straight hair was the best hair”. Well WAKE UP! Natural hair is really the BEST hair. So I kept changing the date when I was going to cut it and then thought about transitioning, which i was for maybe about 3 months and then I just said, HECK WITH IT and cut it off in my bathroom. My son was so excited, he was only 2 at the time and thought it was so cool. He just looked at me and smiled and thats when i realized, its really just hair. It doesn’t change who I am, what I can do, nothing! Its all mentally and if you let people get the best of you, you will continue to stay with the norm and keep that perm.

The first pic is before I cut it, the second is me and my baby after I cut it, he was so excited he wanted to be in my picture. The last one is about 2 months after i CHOPPED. Growing faster than I thought, i even did a twistout!

Many Styles for a Many Styles Girl

So after my BC in June 2014, i decided to try just about every weave possible. I tricked many people into thinking it was my real hair but I’m coming clean now!

IT was such a treat to try so many different ones, also, i was SOOOOOOOOOO grateful that my mom was always able to do my hair, sometimes last minute, and deal with my aggy self! I was always so picky, but she saved me about $1000 if not more.

Here is one style I had for like 2 weeks and decided, NAHHHHHHHH lol

p.s. i love me some blonde though!


WOW. I have not had my hair out for about a month and before that for 5-6 months. Now I am getting ready to take out this weave and let my hair be free! But for some reason, I am so SCARED! I mean, I love how much my hair has grown, but I work in a pretty professional place and I don’t want them to judge me when I come back on Monday.

What has given me inspiration is not only my husband who keeps BEGGING me to take this weave out, but its to color my hair. I mean its a nice color now but I like that light brown. I’m deciding between a few but ultimately I know what i’m looking for.

The Beginning


So I have always wanted to do a blog but just never found the time to actually start one. I have started my own online boutique (www.thebeyouboutique.com), youtube page, and I also have several other media pages. I have a lot to talk about but I think I will keep this short and sweet, as this my first BLOG POST!!!

So my name is Brittany. I am currently located in Boston, MA. I am a wife. I am a mother of a three year old boy. I am the  youngest of 3 children. I am a graduate. I have my B.S. in Fashion Merchandising and Marketing. All in all, I am one talented person but haven’t been able to express it fully.

I spent a year in Atlanta and was so inspired by all the entrepreneurs there! So inspired that I had to start my own company. I didn’t know much but I knew I would have to learn fast.

Right now, I have been natural for almost a year (BC June 19, 2014). I have been protectively styling my hair since I cut it.

Please keep updated with me, as I begin this new journey and another business idea to come!